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Phil Kirk spent three decades informing, entertaining, and persuading North Carolina audiences. As a politician, government official, president of NCCBI and chairman of the State Board of Education, Phil delivered more than 6,000 talks to groups small and large.

Today, Kirk owns his own speaking and consulting business. And as a speaker, he engages audiences with a warm, yet powerful delivery backed with the wisdom of a political "insider." Whether you need a keynote speaker, panel discussion moderator, after-dinner entertainer or motivational talk, Phil Kirk will tell a story your audience will never forget!

A Generation Of Change by UNC-TV

Phil Kirk, Bill Friday, Terry Sanford, Jesse Helms, Bill Aycock and many others from North Carolina’s own “Greatest Generation” led a time of dramatic change that established many of today’s institutions. A Generation of Change takes us on a journey through 50 years of North Carolina history with these leaders from the 1920s to the climactic election of 1972 and the birth of the modern two-party state in North Carolina.